The Scorpion 600 will be at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV, November 01 – 04.


Made of unobtanium, the Scorpion 600 is a very limited production electric vehicle that caters to those looking for the unique experience of driving a classic car that performs and behaves like a modern electric vehicle.

Much like the perfect wine blends originated in the Temecula Valley, Scorpion 600 is the perfect blend of old and new. The Scorpion 600 pays homage to the iconic AC Cobra and its unmistakable curves while carrying the most powerful electric powertrain available on the market today. The result? Close your eyes and imagine the power of a Tesla S with ludicrous mode but at 1/2 the weight… and a shorter wheelbase… and convertible. Feel the wind punch your face as you accelerate at warp speeds.

The Scorpion EV is an experience for all your senses. From the quiet purr of the electric motor to the smell of rubber as the miles disappear in front of you, the feeling of the custom made mahogany steering wheel, the Scorpion 600 will elevate your sense of connection with the space around you. 

The Scorpion 600 is the first production model of Scorpion EV. Designed and built in the heart of southern California’s wine country, the Scorpion 600 is a perfect blend of classic lines of the AC Cobra with state of the art electric performance of the Tesla S. The result is a 600hp beast that quietly purrs 687lb-ft of torque delivering roller coaster G forces at the touch of the accelerator. 

The Scorpion 600 is the evolution of a classic. Quietly.

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Fully Charged

Sept. 10-11
San Diego, CA

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Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, 2022
Del Mar, CA

SEMA Show | Booth 20025

Nov. 1 – 4, 2022
Las Vegas, NV

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