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New & Noteworthy

2023 SEMA AWARD : Show Best Engineered Vehicle

The new-for-2023 SEMA Best Engineered Vehicle of the Year Award aims to inspire more engineers to enter the automotive aftermarket by highlighting their impact on the automotive specialty-equipment industry and placing a spotlight on the symbiotic relationship between a vehicle’s design and engineering.

2023 SEMA AWARD : New Products Showcase

The Venom EV Conversion Kit won the Top 3 Award for 2023 SEMA New Product: Best New Electric Vehicle Product

2023 SEMA AWARD : Global Media Award, France

Selected as Best New Product for consumer use from amongst more than 3,000 entries.

EV Technology

The Scorpion 600 is the
evolution of a classic. Quietly.

Scorpion 600 – EV Cobra Replica

Made of unobtanium, the Scorpion 600 is a very limited production electric vehicle that caters to those looking for the unique experience of driving a classic car that performs and behaves like a modern electric vehicle.

Much like the perfect wine blends originated in the Temecula Valley, Scorpion 600 is the perfect blend of old and new. The Scorpion 600 pays homage to the iconic AC Cobra and its unmistakable curves while carrying the most powerful electric powertrain available on the market today. The result? Close your eyes and imagine the power of a Tesla S with ludicrous mode but at 1/2 the weight… and a shorter wheelbase… and convertible. Feel the wind punch your face as you accelerate at warp speeds.

EV Conversion Kit

it’s a plug and play solution


Ever heard of Venom? If you’ve been following our work, you might know that since we launched the Scorpion 600, we’ve had people ask us for an EV conversion kit. So we delivered! Say hello to Venom, the sleek and sophisticated EV conversion kit that you’ve all been clamoring for.

With Venom, we’ve covered all areas: it’s a plug and play solution that includes every component you need for a successful EV conversion – motor, batteries, inverter, controller, charger, DC/DC converter, contactors, and loads more. The best part? Venom comes fully wired and programmed, so you won’t be spending countless hours watching YouTube videos trying to figure it all out. A complete conversion can be done in less than a day. We want you driving your Venom powered EV today!

Our modern design features an aluminum box that’s both stylish and sturdy, keeping all components safe and sound. It is coupled to a Tremec T5 transmission, and it’ll run just fine with or without a flywheel and clutch. Just drop it in and attach to your existing driveshaft. Don’t wait, join the future of driving today with Venom.

$1000.00 Deposite for each Pre-order.


Everything you need for your EV Conversion

EV Conversion Accessories

Are you fully equipped for your EV conversion? What if we told you that you could top it off with a vintage gas pump that fuels your ride with electrons instead of gasoline? Or a slick J1772 connector in your Le Mans gas cap, perhaps?

At our online store you’ll find all this and more!

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