Venom EV Kit

Electric Vehicle Conversion Kit

EV Conversion Kit

It’s a plug and play solution

EV Conversion Kit

Venom offers a seamless solution for converting your classic or
modern vehicle to electric propulsion, simplifying the transition to an electric vehicle (EV). Engineered for a plug-and-play experience, Venom empowers you to effortlessly replace your internal combustion engine with a comprehensive EV solution, encompassing a motor, batteries, controllers, inverters, and more. Our meticulously tested and fully operational mechanical and electrical designs ensure a dependable conversion process, which can be accomplished within a single day. All that remains is to seamlessly integrate it into your vehicle and embark on your journey with your brand-new EV.


Venom Kit Specifications

Venom Kit Interfaces

  • Cooling Fittings: 3/4″ barbed inlet (coolant reservoir) and outlet (top of radiator)
  • Data I/O: 31-pin Deutsch connector HDP24-24-31ST
  • 12V: 50A 2 pin IP67 waterproof power connector
  • J1772: HE29 5 pin power connector IP68 25A 380V
  • Main Switch: push button or mechanical switch
  • USB: Interface to X144 controller
  • USB: Orion BMS 2
  • Hoist brackets: 4, on top corners
  • Motor mounts: SBE Ford

Scorpion EV Accessories

Here’s a list of what’s not included with your Venom.
Check our Store for more details. 

  • Instruments and gauges
  • Radiator & hoses
  • Coolant reservoir
  • J1772 connector
  • Throttle (0-5V)
  • Steering wheel
  • EV charger
  • 12V battery

EV Conversion Kit

it’s a plug and play solution

Venom Kit

Ever heard of Venom? If you’ve been following our work, you might know that since we launched the Scorpion 600, we’ve had people ask us for an EV conversion kit. So we delivered! Say hello to Venom, the sleek and sophisticated EV conversion kit that you’ve all been clamoring for.

With Venom, we’ve covered all areas: it’s a plug and play solution that includes every component you need for a successful EV conversion – motor, batteries, inverter, controller, charger, DC/DC converter, contactors, and loads more. The best part? Venom comes fully wired and programmed, so you won’t be spending countless hours watching YouTube videos trying to figure it all out. A complete conversion can be done in less than a day. We want you driving your Venom powered EV today!

Our modern design features an aluminum box that’s both stylish and sturdy, keeping all components safe and sound. It is coupled to a Tremec T5 transmission, and it’ll run just fine with or without a flywheel and clutch. Just drop it in and attach to your existing driveshaft. Don’t wait, join the future of driving today with Venom.

$1000.00 deposit for each pre-order.

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